PULLED (2016)

Photo & design by Matthew Reilly


Pulled is an uncompromising, utterly hilarious new comedy about female sexuality and the social media generation from one of the most exciting and authentic new voices in Irish theatre.

Meet Amanda and Michelle as they retrace their drink-fuelled steps from the night before through a trail of Twitter, Facebook and selfies, and tackle such existential questions as "How did I end up here!?- Do I need the morning after pill? - ...If a woman pulls in a night club, and no one is there to Snapchat it, did it actually happen?"

Hungover, emotional and gloriously unapologetic, these two man-eating "young wans" strut their stuff in front of their imagined audience on social media, in a performance that pushes buttons and boundaries … until Michelle finds herself maybe-possibly-probably in need of the morning after pill, and they’re reminded that there’s a price to be paid.

"OMG! Like wow, AMAAAAAZZZZZIIING!" -Pat McEvoy, Waterford News & Star 
"The characterisations are shamefully real and these excellent performers create a frighteningly real sub-culture" -Liam Murphy, Munster Express

Written, and starring critically-acclaimed writer Niamh Moroney, directed by Kilkenny based director Ita Morrissey, and starring Andrea Bolger, Pulled will leave you helpless with laughter, as it tackles complex themes about female friendship and rivalry; sexuality and empowerment; and the millennial obsession with social media.

“I wanted to celebrate the idea of women as desiring creatures. But I also wanted to explore the other side of that - which is that women also have a lot more more to consider afterwards, especially in Ireland where we don’t have access to safe abortion,” Niamh says.

Niamh’s 2014/2015 production of YER WAN brought won her acclaim as one of the most exciting emerging female voices in Irish theatre.

YER WAN (2014/2015) 

YER WAN follows the Friday night make up routine of a life loving club stomping ride chasing freak who's letting you creep on her. Come learn the secrets of fake tan, high heels and snaring a man. This action packed one hour show will be sure to have you in stitches and wanting more

“ a study of the culture of the age, this is masterful... don't miss YER WAN when she returns!" – Kilkenny People August 2014

This show premiered as part of Body & Soul Festival 2014 at the Good Times Lounge. It went down a treat, and festival hopped until November that year, playing to sell out shows and gathering rave reviews around the country.

YER WAN even picked up an award for Best Solo Performance at the Galway Fringe Festival.

Penned, produced, and performed by Niamh Moroney, with direction by Kevin Mooney, Eddie Murphy and a band wagon full of fools.

 YER WAN will continue to play where ever she is saught after. If you would like to hire the show to perform at your venue, please get in touch! YER WAN loves discovering new places, meeting new freaks, and stomping up fresh clubs. A great night's entertainment guaranteed.

X and Y
How to be a girl in a man's world (2013)

This is It Bitch. 

This is the moment you realise that the past is over, and all there is is now, but you're lying now, and now, and everyone. Living one big fat lie. Snorting, drinking, singing, and dancing 

one big fat lie. 

What girl doesn't like to sing and dance? 
What girl? 
This is It Bitch. 
She's going to tell you a story. 
It is called X and Y. 

It is about being a girl in a mans world.
It is about being a good liar.
It is about loss.
It is about grief.
It is about there being no way out. 
Come be hopeless.
Come be a narciscist.
Come be an anarchist.
Come have a wank.

This is It Bitch. This is the moment you realise you're just a girl, living in a mans world. Drinking, singing, and dancing yourself into submission. 

The past is over. Same as it is for everyone. But sometimes... just sometimes, enough coke and whiskey, and the right melody can make it seem like you're back there, and it's now, but it's not...

X and Y is a live performance written & performed by Niamh Moroney directed by Donna Rose O'Keeney taking it's main inspiration from drag shows and modernist slapstick. This is the first part in a series focusing on how to be a woman in a so called mans world, today, right now. The second part in this series is YER WAN (as seen above). The third part is currently in development.

X and Y was produced in 2012 and toured in 2013. If you would like to take X and Y to your venue or festival please get in touch. Specialist performance art and live art events considered only.