6weeks = 4new characters

1. Lady Lane #lanelady

Who's that GRRRL? Nanananananananananaaaa..... It's LADY LANE! #lanelady Rap artist extraordinaire. She's a resident of Lady Lane, her namesake. She might just be coming to a lane near you soon! Tune in for more lady lane, and her sidekick C-DOGG. Poor aul #lanelady wandered into the slip way up to Central Arts one day, and recognising her talent, the staff took her in for a cup of tea. She then hosted the April open Mic, which scared off a lot of people, and subsequently made her own rap video which you have just witnessed. Lady Lane stands for common sense and generally sound people. She's been messed around by the HSE and claims a certain TD as her arch nemesis. Mental Health care, Arts, and Environment are being neglected by this government and Lady Lane intends on addressing those issues. Watch this space while #ladylane and her stalker Dan McMahon cause a ruckus in Waterford City! 

There she is now presenting the Open Mic. Delighted she was! 

Domestic Gothess

Domestic Gothess, Richard Clare, and Rob Ireson

Domestic Gothess likes to wash the dishes, she likes to do the drying up, she likes flame throwers, and toast. She cleans her toes with a tooth brush. It fits perfectly don't you think? She doesn't speak. Oh no, ladies should be seen and not heard. She lives in a constant high of humour. Oh Domestic Gothess come over and clean my house with your toast and feet cleaners. 

This character came about while I wracked my brains for a performance art piece to do at Human O Rama, a wonderful once off performance art event that happened in MYO, Cork City in April. It was curated by these two wonderful humans, two people who get the art I like to make, make it themselves, and do it well! I have been fans of theirs since seeing Rob Ireson perform at Electric Picnic over 2 years ago, and Richard Clare in Cork before Christmas. It was an honour to perform at their event and I owe them a lot because this character has come out of it, and she is snowballing, and soon will hopefully come to live again in France in the month of June. Watch this space for Domestic Gothess! And thanks a million to Richard and Rob! 

Bloody Hell!

So this project is as of yet unfinished-this image is just to tease you! WATCH THIS SPACE we will release this work in the coming months. This project is brought to you by John Conway, Richie Cody, Niamh Moyles, and myself. KEEP YOU EYES PEELED, and maybe they will bleed too. X


"I am trying to break your heart...."

10 years on, and we are still breaking hearts with this show. Three sold out shows, one half house, and four more to go. For our 10th Birthday Devious Theatre are "re issuing" our very first production, a show I produced with John, Ken, & Kevin when I was 17, again when I was 18, then again in Cork a few years later at 20 (I think). And this time I have the joy of designing the lights, with the wonderful Richie Cody running them for me while I perform on stage. 

It is actually emotional, working with the guys on this show again, and to be honest... we are a great team. Ten years on we will get along, we still sweat for each other and do our utmost to make the shows a success. It is an absolute pleasure to get to do this, so big shout out to my theatre family, John, Ken & Kevin. Those guys rock my world!

There we are now! On our 10th Birthday!

My scene partner Amy Dunne has made this whole process light, airy, like a dream! She is a top class performer and I am honoured to share the boards with her. We play Maggie & Louise, an unlikely couple with opposite tastes in music who meet in 2014. Louise is a DJ, an obscurist, and Maggie is a club stomper, who likes to dance to Bowie, Prince, ABBA, Marvin Gaye, even a bit of Beyonce! You name it, if it's got a groove, she'll move to it. But when Louise won't stop playing "weird shit" like Kendrick Lamar, Maggie makes it her responsibility to confront her. Two years later, the girls are engaged. Naturally they row over the music that will play at their "traditional" wedding, but in the end, compromise is found, and love wins the day. 

What a pleasure to perform on the anniversary of the marriage referendum, a day where I found myself crying four times, (and once in the pub-SOBER!). Here's the poster for me and Amy. It's amazing! We got our own record cover! Big up to Ken who took the pic and John for the design. I don't think it could have turned out better! 

Peace and love for now X

Niamh Moroney