What's been going on!?

Well listen up and I'll tell ya....


PULLED, my new show! PULLED will tour in September/October and will feature myself and the wonderful Andrea Bolger as the cast. The story follows on from YER WAN where Amanda (yer wan) and Michelle battle the fear together to try find out what exactly happened last night, who Michelle got off with, while also solving all the world's problems and bringing the audience a bunch of belly laughs in the mean-time! 

It will be presented by Devious Theatre & Central Arts, and I am moving to Waterford to write it! The outline is done, a few dates are booked, now the serious business begins.... writing the bloody thing! It's harder said than done if I'm honest. I sit on my hole and day dream for several hours, and if I do this for long enough the show gets formed totally in my mind, and then I hold it in for long enough, and then projectile vomit it all over my laptop. And a play is born. Okay so obviously it doesn't go just like that... but kind of like that... It involves more whiskey and less thinking. SO yes I am very excited about this, and cannot wait to bring it to your lovely faces in the south east, and watch this space because more dates will be added as the year rolls on!



What a smart ass logo to celebrate the 10th anniversary! I like it! Kudos lads. T'was 10 years ago when a gang of theatre enthusiasts sat around drinking tea talking shite, being eager to do more shows and make art together. Ken McGuire (Uncle Ken as we now call him), John Morton (Morto), Kevin Mooney (Mooners...for many reasons), Angela Walsh (who cleverly bowed out before we nicknamed her) and my self, Moroners, because they couldn't come up with anything better without being sexist or too truthful (like I was drunk cu*t for a while but like...) We were so innocent back then! We each threw in €25 euro for our first play, we made the first production of Heart Shaped Vinyl on a measly €100, we sold out every night, and so... well, we kept making shows and shows and shows and 10 years on we are reunited making PULLED, and HEART SHAPED VINYL the new edition, which I am so proud to say I am cast in, and will be performing a brand new decade opposite Amy Dunne. What an honour and a privilege! What a lucky gal I am, 10 years on, the banter will be had, and a kick ass show will be produced. Watch this space guys, and be there the last two weeks of May in Cleeres theatre! It really is an event not to be missed. 


For international Women's day myself and Sandrine Dunlop ran an all girl comedy & poetry night in Ryan's Bar Kilkenny. We had 15 performers and raised 170€ for the Women's Refuge Centre. The house was absolutely packed and it was just so so so nice to see the community come together and support such a brilliant event. Every little piece made this night amazing. It was indeed hard work! But totally worth it. Sandrine and I had started hatching plans during my residency in Callan in January, so it was couple of months in the making.  We had women come from Dublin, Tipperary, Waterford, and all over the country side of Kilkenny. We had stage debut's and seasoned performers. Most importantly we had a great fund raiser and made a happy contribution to Kilkenny's international women's day. The rest of the events here were absolutely amazing and we were so delighted to be a part of it! Thanks to all who supported in whatever way they could! Here's to next year and more belly laughs and charity events for local organisations! wooop woooop!



I made my performance art debut of 2016 at HUMAN O RAMA, a brilliant event organised by Hmmm Collective which comprises of Rob Irieson and Richard Clare. I am a huge fan of both Rob & Richard's work and cannot express how delighted I was to perform along side them both on the night (last Friday) hopefully some footage will emerge soon and you can witness the madness for yourself! I performed "Domestic Goddess" with the help of some audience members I managed to use kitchen tools in new ways. A kitchen revolution you might say! My performance was also branded "disturbing" a badge I will wear with pride.  

i think that's it... OH ONE MORE THING!!!!

I'm going to be teaching a drama class for adults! here's the deets....

Niamh Moroney