it really is quite a big deal... do read on!

Myself and the wonderful folk at Central Arts Waterford would like to announce that I will be taking up a year long residency in their theatre. From March 1st, I will be making, doing, filming, shaping, writing, and creating new work. I will have many many collaborators join me in my artistic endeavours, and will of course be (and am very much looking forward to) collaborating with the artists that are already set up in house. 

THANK YOU Central Arts (pictured above Artistic Directors John and Ciara O'Connell). What an opportunity! I will try my best to do ye's proud! I currently have 2 shows in development that will light up the Central Arts stage within the next year and several other side projects on the boil. So literally WATCH THIS SPACE! Here's a word from the horse's mouth

Central Arts intends through this collaboration to not only build on its work as a venue for and a producer of independent theatre in Waterford but also to expand its offering throughout the southeast with tours and collaborations

So there you have it folks, if you want me creatively- you know where to find me! Here's to a great year of art making ahead!

Niamh Moroney