AKA Fringe...Alternative Kilkenny Arts

The AKA Fringe was founded in 2015 by a group of Kilkenny creatives, music promoters, venue managers, and arts enthusiasts. It was born out of a need for local arts, and alternative arts that don't fit the "high end" banner, to have a platform upon which to show their wares. Kilkenny is bursting at the seams with creativity, it is home to the National Craft Gallery, Nicholas Mosse Pottery, Grennan Craft School, Rollercoaster Records, John Cleeres Theatre, Devious Theatre, Young Irish Film Makers, Cartoon Saloon, and the list goes on... In 2015 a group of people came together to formalise the independent arts initiatives by producing a programme including as many local events as possible that happen in Kilkenny around the month of August. 

Niamh is one of the founders, producers, and administrators for the festival. You can see the website here: akafringe.com and watch our 2017 summary video here: Enjoy!